Sweet Leisure: Kaitlynn’s Holiday Hostess Gown

Kaitlynn greets the mornings during the Christmas Season with a look of understated elegance.

Kaitlynn always takes her vacation during the Christmas Season. She enjoys receiving visitors during the week in which Christmas occurs and will have open house every afternoon from 1 – 4 p.m. Visitors are welcomed with a buffet style tea time complete with tea sandwiches, scones, biscuits and a cup of fresh brewed hot tea. Like her sisters Brooke and Kathrynne, Kaitlynn enjoys collecting vintage pieces. Her interests include unmatched pieces of porcelain and china teaware. Guests get to select the cup, saucer and cake dish they will use during the visit.

Some guests cannot make the afternoon open house so Kaitlynn welcomes them for a morning visit, often greeting them in one of her luxurious hostess gowns. This morning she decided that the lighter shades of peach and cream would be just as delightful as the darker pinks she wears during the holiday season. It helps that her guest parlor is also done up in pale, pastel colors and a cream colored Christmas tree adorned with pink lights is on display there.

Kaitlynn’s vintage cultured pearl bracelet with pale beads of gold was a gift from her sisters. They found it during one of their buying trips in London.

Kaitlynn enjoys combining a natural, understated look in hairstyling and make-up with elegant but simple pieces of jewelry. When she was able to locate the earrings and choker that went with the vintage bracelet she asked the estate seller in London to reserve them for her. Many told Kaitlynn that such elegant pieces deserve a dramatic evening dress and are better worn to an elegant function. She proved them wrong and has received many compliments on the day she wore the complete set of vintage jewelry with her custom made Holiday Hostess Gown.

Craft Notes

All jewelry was made using gold toned wire upon which glass seed beads were strung and then shaped to fit the doll. No measurements were used. All proportions were judged by eye, frequently gauging the effect against the doll dress in the finished outfit.

A scan of the pattern is available here.  Please note you will need knowledge of using the printer to scale up or down the results of the scan presented in the posting.  You may use the pattern freely and adapt as you want to.  It is custom drafted for a Sonokong doll such as the one shown here.  Making a muslin sample for another doll is recommended.


Accessories for Kaitlynn’s Empire Waist Dress

I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry would work well with Kaitlynn’s demure empire waist dress. At first I thought a simple crystal drop earring would look very sweet. But given that she has such a large amount of curls I wanted to do something that would balance out the slender effect the empire silhouette creates.

I stopped sketching and doodling and just began to look through all my beads and findings. I very much love the current trend in bold earring designs, especially chandelier earrings and long dangling earrings full of Swarovski crystals.

I decided to go free form and strung some tiny glass beads onto a length of wire. Then I twisted them into a semi-circular shape. The wire at each end of the semi-circle was then cut and twisted together using a needle nose plier. I left one end slightly longer so I could create a loop to go into the eye pin. When I placed these finished earrings into the earholes I thought it worked. The earrings did not get lost in Kaitlynn’s hairstyle and they managed to add some interest by drawing the eye horizontally before going vertically along the lines of the dress.

I highly recommend taking an amount of “play time” out when an accessory or finishing touch cannot be consciously decided once the dolly outfit is completed.

Cheongsam, New York Style-Part Two: The Accessories

Kathrynne’s earrings were made using eye pins as the post. Champagne colored seed pearls were first threaded onto a thin gold tone wire. The wire was then shaped into tiny hoops and joined to the end of the eye pin.

The clutch purse pattern was created by measuring a similar pocket book made as part of a Repro Barbie ensemble. The pattern is all in one piece, a basic rectangle with a curved ending for the top of the purse. Gold obi brocade silk was used and lined with the same fabric as the dress. A tiny thread loop closes over a crystal bead.

The same gold toned wire used for the earring hoops was used for the bracelet. This time the champagne colored seed pearls were mixed with a very pale pink colored seed pearl for the bracelet. The beads are held in place by tightly coiled ends on each side of the wire. I also created a small loop on one end to attach a “charm” made of a few red beads threaded onto the wire and then pulled together before attaching to the end of the bracelet. The finished bracelet is then coiled around the dolls wrist.