Sweet Leisure Pattern Scan

Please see the previous postings for details about the outfit and sewing:

Sweet Leisure: Kaitlynn’s Holiday Hostess Gown

Sweet Leisure: An inside look on the design and sewing details

The tape measure shown for the scale in each scan uses centimeters.

These patterns are custom drafted for Sonokong dolls but you are free to use them and change as you need to.  I’d love to see how you use and adapt them.

Please note:  You will need knowledge of using a printer to size up or down the results of the printout.  I do not have that knowledge but if anyone does and would like to send me the instructions I will be happy to post them here.

Skirt Front.

Skirt back.

Bodice Front and Back.


Coming soon…scans of the patterns for the outfits showcased so far

Hi everyone. This little blog, one of the small joys I indulge in, has been sadly neglected. This was due to a very bad start to the year. 2014 came in with a blast of very disruptive events and people that made it difficult for me to take up pencil and needle for the drafting and hand sewing of 1:6 scale fashions for the Sonokong dolls.

I’m very happy to report that the year is ending on a high point where things have improved beyond all expectations. I’m slowly getting back into the more creative side of my personal life.

I’ve worked on new slopers the past two weeks for the girls Molly, Brooke, Kaitlynn and Kathrynne. Once those are refined I plan to start sewing for them again. The new apartment I live in is cozy and comfy. It will be a treat to stay indoors, enjoy the view from the bow windows and sit snug and warm in my new little sewing corner.

I have located scans of the patterns used to create the fashions previously posted. I plan to put them up soon. I’m sorry to say that I do not know how to size up or down from a scan so you’ll be on your own. But the patterns will be free to circulate or modify as you want or have to. They are custom drafted for the Sonokong dolls. To work with other 1:6 scale dolls you will need to make alterations.

I so look forward to getting back into the world of the Enchanted Dress Shop and thank the new followers who have chosen to be part of this world with me.