Christmas Dreams and New Year Wishes

The Coventry sisters (Kathrynne, Kaitlynn and Brooke) awoke early on Christmas Day to prepare a simple but elegant breakfast for their business associates Julie London and Molly Hamilton. Kathrynne, Kaitlynn and Brooke enjoy the times when they are engaged in buying trips for Julie and Molly’s dress shop.

Before attending to their guests, each sister made a wish as the sunshine streamed through the windows of the large bedroom they still share in common at their parents’ mini-mansion.


Kaitlynn’s wish is for her family and friends to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures that make life sweet.

Kathrynne (left) and Brooke (right).

Kathrynne and Brooke dream about a time when they stay in touch more often by discussing things face-to-face instead of through texts and emails.


Julie (left) and Molly (right)

Molly awoke to the fragrance of cinnamon French toast as Julie entered the room with a stack on her plate. She encouraged Molly to hurry downstairs before everything was gone because unexpected callers had arrived.

Molly almost gasped telling Julie that as a fitting model for the Enchanted Dress Shop she cannot afford to gain much weight. Once they started discussing their dreams and hopes for the shop Molly decided there was plenty of work up ahead in the New Year. Julie would work an extra pound or two off once fittings and showings resumed mid-January.


The Enchanted Christmas Tree.

The Coventry Sisters along with Julie and Molly will be back at work after their holiday break with new styles and a few surprises. It might be a little while before they start sharing photos and updates. But all good things are worth waiting for and working towards.

With best wishes,


Please note: I did not make any of the sleepwear my dolls are wearing in these photos. They were a gift from my late mother. I don’t know where she bought them.


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