1:6 Scale Fashion Doll Lingerie

The bandeax and bikini panty shapes were drawn over the basic slopers and tested on scraps of cotton tulle. Adjustments had to be made to bring the fit closer to the doll’s body and allow for the stretch factor. This was a trial and error process.

The basic patterns for Kaitlynn’s bandeaux bra and bikini panties were made from 1:6 scale fitted bodice and shorts slopers. The stocking pattern was made by tracing the outline of the doll’s leg and foot when the leg and foot were placed sideways on a piece of white paper.

The elbow length glove pattern was created by placing the full length of the doll’s arm and hand against a piece of white paper and tracing around it. The hand for the glove is shaped like a mitten. Care has to be taken to leave enough space between thumb and the rest of the fingers.

To give the bandeaux and bikini panty a better look two pieces of stretch tulle were cut for each. A clear water soluble stabilizer was used for machine sewing. The stockings were not doubled.
Since bandeaux bras have a habit of curling over on dolls with shapely bustlines, I used narrow satin ribbons to create straps.


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